If I was born in a hunter-gatherer society, I would have been the man who suggests the next agricultural society to
all the uneven people while obtaining the title of "Unevenest Hunter".

Regarding the starvation, the main issue would have been how to make people practicing hunting and refining their
skills rather than hurting each other.

And one day I would have proposed to everyone: " Let's make a rich and rice fields here! Let's make rice and store it
and live a day full of prosperity to avoid becoming a prey!"

If I was born in the agricultural society era, I would have been the man who suggests the next industrial society to
the village while obtaining the title of "No. 1 rice craft maker of the village".

After learning the science while making rice, I would have proposed: "Why not trying to make a more orderly and peaceful town?"

But I was born in the being called “Information Society Era”.

I was born from parents who had only phone and fax as communication systems. This was also your own youth?
From that point, Pocket Bell, PHS, mobile and smart phones have emerged one after another.

We born in a “real society” where the laws of this world were strictly connected to physical and concrete rules.
But Now we live in a "virtual society" where all the information is exchanged beyond time, distance and border.

Living in such an advanced information society, what is your personal purpose?

Nowadays, people are not hungry like in the hunting and gathering society or extremely tired like in the industrial
society anymore, but they still can`t be happy for some reason.

What humans want to fill is probably their own heart, after starvation and overworking are not problems anymore.
Although I'd like to aim at the heart, as the information has increased, the values have also changed drastically and
human cannot still understand other humans.

I believe that my heart can`t be satisfied unless I can catch up with the whole amount of available information

The main cause of such contemporary dissatisfaction is the human being incapability to harness this massive amount
of information and the related problems that this inability can cause to the global economy.

FIXER solves several problems and we FIX your problem in order to propose the new “happiness” to people living
in such advanced information society.

I would like to be a Web consulting firm that consults the Web at the core of the new advanced information society.
While thinking such a thing, I decided that this will be my lifetime work.

Sharing the same idea with my friends of FIXER, everyone who associate himself to FIXER and trust FIXER from
the bottom of his heart, FIXER will continue to exist as a necessary company for this advanced information society.

In order for FIXER to be such a company, while refining and enhance our expertise necessary for the Web
consulting and continuing our proposal for the happiness of the new society, please keep watching our activities.

President and Representative Director: Seiichi Matsuoka


  • Automatic monitoring 24 hours a day 365 days


    Microsoft Cloud
    Fully managed support from introduction of Microsoft Azure to 24/7/365 automatic monitoring
  • development


    Server migration from on-premises to cloud, IoT / M2M, WEB and games platforms development
  • Machine learning · Artificial intelligence · speech recognition

    AI /

    Service improvement using artificial intelligence / machine learning and speech / face recognition service on the cloud
  • WEB service, content creation, design of artificial intelligence optimization site, suggestion


    Supporting the design and construction of optimized Website that can understand artificial intelligence (BOT) including Website planning


Awarded Microsoft Country Partner of the Year 2017

Awarded Microsoft Country Partner of the Year 2017

FIXER Inc. was recognized by Microsoft Corporation as "Microsoft Country Partner of the Year" at the "2017 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Award".

This award is for companies which are part of the Microsoft partner network and we have been selected the Best Partner in Japan among more than 2,800 partner companies from 115 countries worldwide.

Cloud.config will continue to strengthen the partnership with Microsoft, And we will continue to promote the spread of Azure further by providing services that make use of state-of-the-art technology.

History Awards

2013 We won the Microsoft Partner of the Year 2014 award at the "Microsoft Azure Partner Award (Cloud Service Vendor)",selected by Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.
2014 We won the Microsoft Partner of the Year 2014 award at the "Microsoft Azure Partner Award (Cloud Service Vendor)",selected by Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. This is the 2nd consecutive year that we receive the award (2013 – 2014).
2016 - 2017 Two of our employees, Hiroshi Senga and Kazuki Yamamoto, received the MVP for the category "Data Platform(Azure Machine Learning)" at the "Microsoft Most Valuable Professional(MVP)Award Program".

Publications Introduction

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Azure Machine Learning
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Book name: Standard web production complete guide
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